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Educational Tour – via Emilia and Canossa

Itinere and Club di Prodotto Reggio Tricolore have organized today the staying of a group of German journalists visiting the region in occasion of the Matildic festival.

The tour began with the visit to a local producer of Parmigiano Reggiano, where they will follow the various phases of production of the famous King of Cheese.

The day went on with a trekking on the trails in the territories ruled by Matilde di Canossa nine centuries ago, visiting the Canossa Castle e the Sarzano Castle.

Thereafter our guide accompanied the journalists in a tour during the celebrations dedicated to the matildic centenary in the center of Quattro Castella, concluding the day with an evening tour at the Bianello Castle and a dinner with typical products in the castle’s restaurant. The perfect conclusion for a day under the sign of the countess Matilde.