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Incoming tour operator
A special welcoming

Itinere is the DCM (Destination Management Company) agency based in Reggio Emilia, specialized in the organization of incoming trips in the emilian territory and in the main places of historical, cultural and naturalistic interest in the North of Italy.

Our tourist offering is aimed at companies and private citizens, to whom we offer not only maximal organizational precision for their business and leisure trips, but above all, the opportunity to get in touch with the authentic soul of the Emilian culture.

Professionalism, selected local partners and a sincere passion for the excellence of the territory are the ingredients of our recipe for high-level tourist hospitality. The goal of our tour operator is not simply to bring you to Emilia-Romagna, but to make you live authentic and unforgettable experiences that allow you to know in depth this part of Italy so rich in history and culture.

Regardless of whether it is single visits or multi-day itineraries to discover Italy’s tourist attractions, all our services are characterized by a very high degree of personalization. Our mission is to propose tailor-made experiences capable of creating a natural and spontaneous relationship between the guest and the places visited, so that each trip is transformed into a unique and precious memory.


Itinere aspires to establish itself as the main reference point for incoming tourism in the province of Reggio Emilia.

Born with a strong orientation toward the principles of sustainability, Itinere now presents itself as a tour operator capable of combining local tourism excellence with an international approach, effectively responding to the growing needs of an increasingly sophisticated market.

Targeting primarily a professional clientele of travel designers, tour operators and corporate companies, Itinere is deeply connected to the local area and community. A bond with a community and destination steeped in authenticity and tradition, perfect values for welcoming an international leisure and MICE market.

All this is supported by the professionalism of a young and dynamic team with a clear vision: to transform Reggio Emilia and Emilia-Romagna into a favorite destination for national and international travelers, spreading the unique values of this area.


Itinere’s corporate mission is focused on ensuring professionalism and uniqueness in serving clients visiting Emilia-Romagna.

The company is distinguished by a well-structured organization focused on the careful search and selection of those who constitute the real players in the tourism experience: service providers and strategic partners with whom to collaborate effectively.

Through a thorough analysis of the offering, the company’s goal is to focus resources and programming on identifying the right target customers, both domestic and international.

Working with Italian, European and non-European entities, Itinere is committed to meet ever-changing needs, highlighting the constant attention to the customer as one of the company’s distinguishing features.

This commitment is reflected in the promotion of quality-oriented rather than quantity-oriented tourism.

With a clear vision and a solid organization, Itinere aims to consolidate itself as a DMC and incentive house, a leader in offering unique and unforgettable tourism experiences in Emilia-Romagna.