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MICE hospitality tailored for businesses
Incoming services and events

ITINERE offers businesses a precise, accurate and professional service of hospitality for their guests, managing every aspect of the visitor’s business stay.

Business Incoming’s proposals are fully customizable, from booking individual services to creating tailor-made itineraries that meet business needs, while allowing people to learn about the area through the enhancement of its excellencies.

We organize the business trip down to the smallest detail, from booking overnight accommodations to managing transfers and providing multilingual guides and tour leaders.


We propose itineraries tailored to the needs of the company and the guest to discover the territory and its excellence through experiences of high cultural value.


We improve the atmosphere of the business meeting, thereby fostering the creation of an open and lasting professional relationship between the company and its stakeholders.


We strengthen the image of the host company by showing it as attentive to the care of hospitality and the enhancement of the tradition and culture of its local area.

We are dedicated to providing the corporate guest with special care and attention so that each business visit becomes an enriching experience to cherish and an emotion to remember positively.

This hospitality approach is a powerful relational marketing lever that will result in an enhanced brand image for companies, as well as relieve the commitment of in-house staff, saving valuable working time.

Meetings, conferences and events

Collaboration with selected local partners and considerable knowledge of the area enable us to propose various solutions for meetings, conferences and events. In addition to taking charge of all organizational aspects for the optimal success of an event in the area, we offer the possibility to personalize and make the event unforgettable.

Incentive e team building

We propose a series of experiences for corporate teams aimed at increasing a sense of belonging and team spirit, strengthening relationships among people, developing personal creativity and flexibility, and improving sales, leadership and communication skills.

Our Team Building and Incentive proposals stand out in particular for the possibility of experiences closely related to the Emilia region, such as cooking classes with a chef, food and wine tours with guided tasting or visits to the most famous car manufacturers with the possibility of conducting a test drive.

Any ideas for your Team Building?

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